Twitch Streams!!!

2017-11-04 10:19:36 by ShockblastDeluxe

I've finally been able to set up streams on Twitch for music. I hope you can enjoy them! (Cuz' I think they could be better somehow.)

Go check it out!


2017-09-26 21:01:05 by ShockblastDeluxe

I'm open for collaborating on a song, if anyone wants to. Anybody will do. ;)

I'll also accept requests for remixes/covers for songs.

If you want, I can even just critique a song you made before it goes where it goes, if you want.

Newgrounds (Unoffical) Self One-Up Challenge

2017-07-16 18:50:26 by ShockblastDeluxe

I've decided to challenge myself to make each song for the next 5 songs better than the previous ones.

In doing this, I need your help telling where I need to do better, or if it's perfect the way it is. (Not likely) Collaborations with people that are about equal with me in music skill are alright. (Collaborating with someone that is much better than me at this would not be fair.)

If you don't prefer this kind of music, I'd suggest doing something else. I don't need any comments saying "Dis muzik suks cuz i dont liek it" (sorry if I offended anyone with this false comment).

EDIT: You'll be able to tell which are in the challenge from being tagged "challenge".


-Shockblast Deluxe


Results are in! Check them out!